Saturday, 5 March 2011

So You Also Have Problems ???

The worst fact of life is that it is full of problems. Life can hit you hard, especially when you least expect it. The more you solve them, the more new ones are ready to come up. Wherever you go, sooner or later there will be problems for you to solve.

But friends problems are actually signs of life ; so if you have a big problem, be thankful for it because that means you have been given a big opportunity to grow!
Your sincere attempts and willingness to solve problems will prove that you’re not just alive and functioning  but you have a chance to go beyond your present capabilities. Problems are nothing but the hurdles that God has placed in your way to success. Problems are the parameters by which God checks us whether this particular guy is fit for long life of achieving success.

My favorite quote during lighter moments is “The best way to judge an opportunity is by the size of the problems one has!” Isn’t it??

So my folks if you don’t have problems, you don’t have a ready opportunity for growth. Problems are always a learning experience. You don't actually realize that fire burns until you get burned with it! Unless a problem occurs, you don’t learn why something happens the way it does even I would say that you cannot change your viewpoints and opinions unless you experience problems first hand.

This is contrary to generally accepted view point of most people that problems are bad. Most people feel that the ideal state of things would be problem free. Therefore, if you have problems, you think that something must be wrong. As a result you end up devoting a large part of our energies in cursing your fate. Most of you end up saying to yourself, everything would be great, if only I could just get rid of my problems!But what I believe that this is simply fallacious. Just ask yourself this- “If I have all the resources of the world, will I be quickly intelligent??”Your honest answer will tell you the hard truth.

Darling don’t say that you are problem free cause it is unnatural so instead of sweeping problems under the carpet or running away from them just admit it and love the fact that you have problems because they will give you something to work on and solve. They also will give you a way to invent new ways of doing something, new ways that will save your time and make you happier with your life.

At the end I really want to congratulate all those people who have problems in their life but will double congratulate them if their problems are tougher than of others…!
I know it’s too hefty to digest even very hard to implement but trust me it really works at least in my case………!!

Thanks & Cheers!

Happy Reading J