Thursday, 4 July 2013

The Most Harmless Domestic Animal

When I breathed for the first time

You told my father

“Start saving, its a girl.”

At 5, you told me

“Learn to read and write so that

A boy will come for you.”

At 10, you told me

“Save yourself, you are a girl.”

At 15, you told me

“Stay at home, learn to cook, wash and

To remain silent and obedient.”

At 20, you told me

“Now it’s your own life,

Don’t come back to us.”

Years went on and

I kept my promise,

Nobody ever had a complaint.

I was the most harmless

And faithful domestic animal

Man ever had in his history.

** Credits: The Hindu

Mantras For Life

                                                               Refine Your Present

God has given you existence
Not to cry in despair, but to smile with hope.
Not to shiver with fear, but to live with honor.
Struggle now, you will ever be free from trouble.
Sacrifice now, you will ever have many surprises.

 You Led A Tough Life 

Because you are born for that
As you sweat now, least you regret later.
You can’t reach the top of a tree without scratches.
No sea is free from waves.
No desert is free from heat.
No rose is free from thorns.
No challenge can be free from stress.
Strive now, least you grieve later.
And you are meant for all theses dear.

When Your Emotions Get Hurt

Maintain calm,
The world may call you a fool
But remain cool
Quite often,
It is foolest,
Who turn up the greatest.

Face Competition With Determination

Never forget you are living in a tough world of stiff competition.
The toughness of competition, must not make you to go back,
 Instead it must make you try ,
Till you take the whole world aback.
If you wish a push in the world of competition, 
 Then you must push your wish with determination.

                                                          Love Your Maa and Papa

Because they have decide to decrease, 
So that you may increase.
They have decided to suffer, 
So that you may prosper.
They have decided to diminish, 
So that you may flourish.

Bad Example 


                                                            Beware of bad example,
Because a bad example is a bad sample.
Just as you reject a bad sample,
Turn your face away from a bad example.

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Expression to Life’s Experiences...!

Right from my heart.....

A genuine admirer of a tulip will always desist a temptation to pluck it and the one who plucks it, is likely to hold it only for ornamental reasons.

I can only love or hate, nothing in between. And this is the only reason behind most of the problems of my life.

In life, two plus two is never equal to four.

We need to have ears to have more years in life.

I was playing the game of my life as a chess but eventually I’ve found that it is mere a game of ludoo.

There is only one religion which I worship i.e. Humanity.

Create your own place, be small or big. We should try to be different.

Never ever open your 52 cards before anyone. No matter how much close they are (Not even with your spouse).Because at the end of the day, we all are  human beings who are born to exploit others.

If you are convinced that who you are?? Then no need to convince others.

Real relationships are based on mutualism not on parasitism.

Always start and end any relationship on a positive note.

Invest your emotions for a right cause because it is you who is going to suffer in the end.

The only mistake which a girl does in a relationship is to make her boy feel that she can’t live without him. Game over!

People do accept other people but with conditions.

People don’t respond to us when we need them, they generally respond when they need us.

We selfish creatures would always like others to behave in the manner in which we want, whereas we our self never like to behave in the manner  in which they want.

When you need “A”,”B” will be there and when you start needing “B”, he just vanish and eventually “A” will come into picture.huh! How ironical this life's journey is??

Teaching is just the matter of sharing your knowledge with greater experience.

World is divided into two categories of people; one who are using and the other who are used, unluckily I fall into the second category.

This world consists of vultures not pigeons.

 People who never impose their wishes on you are hardly attended.

Stay with the people who give you unconditional regards.

The only difference b/w Amithabh Bachhan and Abhishek Bachhan is that the former one has created his destiny while the latter one is created by his destiny.

You can make people learn Spanish or French but you can’t make them learn to take care of your feelings.

Emotions are stupid..!! They don’t understand logic.

Find out your purpose of life not in human doings but as a human being.Lets make it little simple for you by giving my own : My purpose of life is to experience my qualities and to express them.

Don’t say sorry if it’s not your fault. It’s a symbol of weakness. May you implement this in your life which I am still trying..!!

People with good intentions make promises but only with good character fulfill it.

Ego and Love just can’t coexist. One has to leave for other to come. If they both are there in your heart for someone then please do one more introspection to find out what exactly it is??

Respect is more crucial than love in any relationship as I can simply say that love for my father is always accompanied by respect for him .What I believe is that respect is something which we all need more than love from those who are closest and intimately connected with us.

Criticisms and humiliations are the oxygen for success. If you ignore them you will never get success.

The one whom I found everyday in the mirror is the only one and true well wisher of mine till this stage of my life.

People always mistaken my silence for arrogance and executed me without even trials.

If or whenever you say "I Love You" ... mean it.

Waste no more time talking about great souls and how they should be.Become one yourself.

PS: This section is tentative and subjected to further addition.

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