Monday, 26 December 2016

Self Realization is very Significant !

Physics and Computers (esp Software) are the two most difficult subjects which were beyond my understanding during school days. I always admire people who are good in these two subjects. I had surrendered before Physics after my secondary education and opted management in graduation. But Computers?? How come any one gets rid of it? You can't imagine your survival without having knowledge of it. I don’t know why? But files, computer’s operations, dialogue boxes on screen scare me to death. Although time has passed and now I am performing far better. But still I have miles to go for it......
Want to share one wonderful incident of my life which makes you realize that whatever I am saying above is not wrong.
Once (In 2012) my PC in the office was not working and so I'd complained about it. My Lab's head came to me and after checking the PC told me that its window got corrupted. He then asked me to send the system. As per his instructions. I have sent it immediately to the lab for the dissection.
Few minutes later, I received a call from the lab.
Lab Asst- Ma'am Apne kya bhijwaya hai??
Me- Are apne hi to kaha tha ki iski window corrupt hai.
Lab Asst-So what? Where is the CPU?
Me-Sir ! par window to monitor mein open hoti wai bhijwa dia. :-P
Lab Asst-Started laughing on me and said Sadhana Ma'am ! man gaye apko.

On that day I've realized that, Computer is still not my cup of tea. And even today in 2016, my husband keeps his all gadgets beyond my reach and he can trust me for everything except for this. A man whose advice people seek while buying a gadget has given up before his wife. Three cheers for me !! :-)