Tuesday, 6 January 2015



These lines of Mohd.Iqbal are very close to my heart.The best part of his poetry was its powerful character "Shaheen"(An Eagle).Although these days,I am not utilising my potential that well and so sleeping every night with that guilt of wasting my hours.Still sharing this poetry because it used to remind me, my real purpose of life.Hope you people will too like it.

So you reminded me of it...

Yesterday my friend told me that he is going to donate the blood to someone who is in dire need of it.I appreciated this gesture of him and told him to go with it..But when I woke up this morning I got his message that the doctor hasn't allowed him to do so because he had got the dog bite few months before.So he was little upset as he couldn't be able to help that person.. Any-ways he was helpless and I pray that the person who was in need of this must have got it from someone else.
Dog bite !! Not an unfamiliar word to me.If you open my health card,you will find many stories of it in it.Hence this simple reference made by him reminded me of one horrible incident of my life. .Firstly I thought of sharing it with him only but taking into consideration that he was in the office,I abstained myself of narrating it.But how come I keep this story with myself??I can't....So I feel like writing about it on my blog,the last resort of releasing my emotions.And here we go....

One afternoon, in the month of February 2009.I think it was the second day after my sisters marriage.My father was somewhere busy outside in winding up things And there were only three people in home;Maa,Goofy and me.It was around 4 pm,which was the time of Goofy's daily walk.That time, Goofy was in the age of his college days.And so was getting out of control like all teenagers.I was quite aware of this fact that he doesn't listen to me any more and totally spoiled just because of one not so pretty bitch of our township.Goofy was such an idiot.He used to ogle and whistle in his own language when that bitch along with his boyfriend(king among all dogs) passes by.They both used to give that dirty look to Goofy.But that lady was his obsession.I used to scold him. Bhai mere ! Koi aur dekh.Usko chhod de.Uska boyfriend dekha hai?? Kha jaega tumhe...but nope.He was such a dumbo.Wo kehte hai na...Dil laga gadhi se to pari kya chiz hai?? Hubby of that lady knew me very well...he used to stare and follow me,when I took out my scooty from the garage before going to the college.I told my mother about this many times...but kaun sunta tha meri?? according to her,I usually searched for the excuses for not taking Goofy out for the walk and it was one another plot in the series.
On that very evening, Maa was compelling me to do the same for the Goofy because Papa was not in the home.I told her about my worries...Maa! Goofy doesn't listen to me any more.He runs like a horse.I can't...Since Goofy had already sensed it that his Didi was getting order from his owner.So he was following me like that Hutch dog.Giving me his collar,snatching my pyjamas and putting slippers before me.I was so afraid that day.I don't know why?? I again requested her but she ensured that I need not to worry about it and ask me to take that stick and ordered Goofy for not taking me beyond his territory.So I too surrendered before those innocent eyes of Goofy.

He and I were there in that township park.He was running,chewing things within his territory which he had marked  for himself by peeing.Dogs do that...yep.And no new dog was allowed to cross that.Goofy was a mix breed, hence not so vulnerable like those small soft puppies.But, since we'd raised him among us so he didn't know anything about fight.You can call him that Garjane wale Badal jo kabhi barsate nai .After allowing him to complete his stuff,I requested him to come back .But he didn't listen to it, as I mentioned above.He was pulling me towards a wrong place which was beyond his territory.My heart was pounding,as I knew that it was the territory of that king and his lady.I was shivering and praying but couldn't be able to control that dog cum horse and so, with in a fraction of second,Goofy and I were surrounded by three big dogs and that cruel bitch(this word was appropriate for that).I started shouting. Oh my god ! Where should I go now? There was no place to hide and no scope for running.At the time of crises,anything which ditched us first are our senses.I took Goofy in my lap(he was so heavy),holding him tight just close to my chest with only one thought in my mind i.e Who is going to heaven first??Goofy or me?? I had covered him with my shawl and requested him to not utter a single word.Do you think,he would have stopped?Even after restrain,he barked and it was game over from our side.The moment, he barked..all three had come closer to us.Without giving us time,they all just started biting my Goofy from below.I was crying and screaming....Please help !! Koi hai.Although those dogs didn't bite me but Goofy was continuously doing it for not allowing him to test his talent before those goons.I was afraid,If I would have left him,they must have taken him so far and then bitten him to death.I was screaming like a three year old.God help !! please some one come out of your home and help us but found no one around me.I thought of running but since those dogs were holding the skin of Goofy's back.It was not possible for me to stretched it more by running away from them( Moreover my senses were not helping me).Now,one thing was clear,that Goofy is the one who is going to heaven first.Hence I had tired to creep,but they just grabbed us from behind.Now they all were quite upset with me too as I was not allowing them to grab my Goofy's neck.Dogs usually attacked on it

I'd lost all the hope,seeing four Yamraj before me.But then I heard one familiar voice.Oh ! Neelu aunty, our maid who was working in someone else's kitchen after hearing my voice came like a God with a long bamboo stick.She was throwing some stones too on them and after that I didn't remember....With her help only ,we both got one another life that day.Goofy was there,close to my chest.I was sobbing ,kissing him and was running like a free soul while holding him tight.There was only one slipper in my foot because one was taken by those bloody goons. Goofy was guilty,licking my palm and face because he knew...that the real trouble is yet to arrive in his home where a strict mother is waiting for him.
While reaching home,I started fighting with my mother with those tears,running nose and bleeding palm.Maa was shocked with terror...figuring out..what actually happened with her daughter.Goofy hid himself inside a sofa without uttering a single word.He was as quiet as a dead soul.I was crying in pain. Maa bulao apne bete ko...Bola tha maine, nai sambhal pati main use.Hence,she got the entire story and simply said...leave him..let his father come...he will decide about him.It was a kind of music to my ears.But I knew that he was in pain too.They had bitten him more than he had bitten me. Maa took me to the basin..washed wounds of my palm with soap( the first thing which everyone should do in case of dog bite).I wiped my tears and requested her to pull out Goofy as he was injured too.I knew she was waiting for my consent and so immediately asked Goofy to come out.But he was so intelligent,waiting for his main boss to  said the same to him so he didn't come out.Now the question which was hammering my mind was that who will scold my mother?? Because she was the main culprit in my eyes who had not waited for Papa and sent me and Goofy for that walk.I needed that in revenge...so eagerly waiting for my Papa.He came and pampered me for this mistake of them and ended this episode with full justice to everyone.First he pulled Goofy out of the sofa and applied some lotion on his wounds,then scolded my mother(ahem ahem !) for showing this much of courage by sending me with Goofy and finally warned Goofy not to repeat this mistake in future. He took me and Goofy to the doctor.First was the turn of my medication and then for the Goofy.Because I needed that tetanus immediately.Doctor welcomed me with a smile because that was not the first time and then the story of those cruel injections started.;-(

Papa rewarded both of us with an ice cream for showing bravery among those goons.;-) And Maa rewarded Neelu aunty for saving her two kids.Mark of that wound is still on my palm.This is the only scar which I would like to keep with me.And I wish,it will never fade away...

PS: To care for a dog bite injury at home:

  • Place a clean towel over the injury to stop any bleeding.
  • Try to keep the injured area elevated.
  • Wash the bite carefully with soap and water.
  • Apply a sterile bandage to the wound.
  • Consult a doctor for further medication.