Monday, 21 March 2011

The Perfect Man is Drag!

Everyone these days seem to be asking me the same question- what kind of a person would I love and whom will I marry?? At the time it makes me wonder whether people think I will lose my heart to somebody and have a runaway wedding with someone else. Question like this arise fear in my mind…..

Am I Ms. PERFECT????
Are you or anybody else perfect? I think that the desire for perfection actually ends up destroying relationship for me.


I find perfection in anything boring and repetitive . I start finding even the most Perfect Man Is Drag….!!After all the perfect personality is bigger than perfect face.
I would look for Integrity, Intelligence & Compassion in the man I would Love…!!

If man has integrity he can be trust worthy and worth a long term relationship. Intelligence is also must. For how long can you tolerate a boring, unintelligent soul, who cannot comprehend what you say or expect? Communication is an integral part of any man-woman relationship, so intelligence is a magic factor to make the relationship successful, everlasting and fresh. Compassion is another essential quality I would like for in a Man. 

Indian girls generally considered financial stability as the primary factor for choosing the Man in their lives. But Not For Me!! Because I know in future I must be much more financially independent and capable of generating money as much as and whenever I need.

Youths are not interested in the tougher aspects of that purest thing called Love i.e. Commitment and Sacrifice. They are more into softer aspect .But I believe that both these two aspects connectively make a True and Complete LOVE…! Love is great but very FEW even fully understand it. Love is merely a Passion these days; Commitment and Sacrifice are often missing. It’s like Committed till Marriage…!! :-) Lolz. But I believe if two people are truly in love they will get married to share each other’s life in all its pain and happiness. The problem with marriage, in this generation, is that people are afraid of commitment. They end up by saying that it was not in their destiny but what I believe is that Man is the maker of his own destiny. People quite often use this statement in their Professional life then why not for Personal??? They can conquer everything if they wish except a natural disaster as like in the movie Titanic :-) Lolz 
Jokes apart...!

Actually their so called love is not love but sexual attraction which disappears in most of the people with growing age. Moreover how could someone imagine a proper marriage without the presence of love between the spouses??I’m sure that many of you will incur resentment for my opinions...but this is something which I firmly believe.Since I have so many wonderful people around me who have justified the definition of “Love” by overcoming all those hurdles which one has to face while going for a Love cum Arrange marriage, so I’m also hoping that soon I get someone who truthfully loves me…! Because finding an honest guy in this so called “Kalyug” is just like looking for water in the Desert…!

Thanks & Cheers!