Sunday, 24 February 2013

The Solution Lies within…….

I am not sure how many of you can actually say that your Maa is your best friend but I am proud to say that I can. Over the years we have had our ups and downs but as I got older I have developed a close knit feeling to this special lady. When I'm with my Maa , I can totally just be myself. I can tell her anything and she'll totally understand. It's like we have this bond or something.
Every day when I came back from office, I used to switch on my tape recorder and start narrating my daily routine before her. Maa aaj ye hua… Aaj usne ye kaha….. Usne ye kyo kaha?? Maa sabke pas Nailpaint ke shade se lekar boyfriend/husband ka new gift hai… but mere lie itna difficult kyo hai kisi se kuch share kar pana? Don’t I have likes or dislikes?? Bas Maa ka fav dialogue…TU BAS GHAR KI SHER HAI AUR HUMARI BOSS….;-)

I extremely dislike this statement but at the hindsight I know it’ true. Just like a normal day, few days before I was keen to share few things with her but she was on her favorite T.V show “Sath Nibhana Sathiya”. I don’t know what good she finds in theseunrealistic daily soaps. This is the only thing which we both have not in common. Neverthless I was sharing my official stuff with her. But she was only pretending to be as a good listener…At that time her GOPI BAHU was proved more important than her daughter...I got sadden and came back to my room. I also turned on television of my room…… I was on my favorite  show….Man Vs. Wild …..Aww :-( It was an old episode…again my Maa proved to be more lucky cause she was watching a new episode .I skipped it..and then I reached to UTV Bindas…and so guess what was there?? Yes, the reality show “Emotional Atyachar”.I still don’t get a single reason why people watch these kinds of shows. It really shows what we are giving to our upcoming generation. Sadly I turned off the T.V and thought of calling my friend to share with her at least 20%. Her cell welcomed me with a wonderful caller tune…TUNE MERE JANA KABHI NAI JANA….! I heard this song every now then. She didn’t pick up my phone as expected. So finally I took newspaper in the hope of getting something with which I can pass my time until my Maa will be free. There was nothing in the newspaper except few more Murders, Rapes, Scams, and RBI new policy for controlling Inflation. I was turning the pages desperately to get something worth to read and thanks to Lord that finally  I landed up  on one article titled Anna’s leadership. So I recall ,Oh my God this is the only good thing which happened last year. How could I forget him and his team’s effort?
2011 …….The worst year of my life….Didn’t achieve anything neither on professional front nor on personal front….Even I didn’t recall a single good thing about this 2011.I have lost  my two gems in this year only, My adorable Goofy, and the companion of my loneliness i.e. Ghazal Maestro. In 2011 a lot happened on the political front .A heartening thing was to see an increased and mature involvement of youth in the civil society’s movement. From online discussion forum to Ram Lila Maidan, the voice of youth was strong and could be easily heard. To sum it up, this anti corruption movement increases the participation of the great Indian middle class and youth in particular in the functioning of our democracy. Now, whether that’s the movement hangover or a permanent change, only time will tell.
Emotional Atyachar, Emptiness, Anna and Youth …These all in combination gave me an idea to at least write one more blog this year.

Talking of youth lets us talk about that song and a TV show, both a rage among the youth. There is a song by the name Emptiness which over few months has become an anthem for heartbroken lovers. This song a perfect example of viral phenomenon in the online world has more than 1.5 million views on YouTube. There are many reprise version of Emptiness on the video sharing site. Such is the popularity of the song that even the most of the reprises have more than three lakh views. Here is the so called tragic love story behind the song.  The song was sung by Rohan Rathore a student of premier engineering college of India .He loved a girl but his love was not reciprocated. An unfortunately thing about Rohan that he was suffered from cancer. The lovelorn protagonist sang the emptiness song to share his pain with the world. Sadly, he dies within fifteen days after recording the song.  Three strong keywords- LOVE, IIT-GUWAHATI and CANCER. ‘Love’ was enough to pull romantically influenced people. IIT-Guwahati is a prestigious college in India, so it again became an eye-catcher. ‘Cancer’ disabled the reasoning abilities of the target audience and aroused a feeling of pity in them. Game Over….!!Does that make you curious?? Some say that story is nothing but a marketing gimmick. But that’s not the point. There is no doubt that the song is an excellent pierce of work .A song with no bollywood connection, uploaded by someone becomes a song loved by everyone. And it is where the song captures our youth Imagination.

In the second part of story ,let us shift focus to a TV show inspired from Bollywood song, Emotional Ataychar, a show aired on a youth channel, has been a game changer TV programme. The show allows one to conduct a loyalty test on one’s lover. Some are approaching the show to conduct a serious loyalty test on their partners, who are suspected to be cheating in their present affairs, while there are some couples who might be finding it an easy way out to call it off with their partners. Isn’t this insane?
The show plants an undercover agent (male or female, as per the case) who won’t mind going to any damn extent getting intimate or taking up a dirty conversation with the suspect, only to find out whether they are loyal in their present relationship or not. The show has run three seasons and achieved high TV rating plus thumbs up from its core audience.Though censored, the collage drama show intimacy, infidelity and dirty fights all sensationalized and exaggerated. Who would have thought that infidelity should be commercialize in such a big way?? What a cheap tactic to find someone’s truth! The show assay to the relationship woes which our youth is already burdened with.
A generation for which career and ambitions make it to be top priority list: Things like trust, responsibility and loyalty automatically take a back seat.

A society where love happened over a cup of teas and ends on a TV show needs to be introspects. This millennium love has very different meanings. Wo kehte hai na ! Abhi to Jaam alag hai, Mehkhane bi alag, aur pilane wale bi alag hai [Now the love is different , the wine is and even the lover is different].Infidelity is one of those faces and Emotional Atyachar personifies that.

We as a nation have failed, since our youth today have imbibed the worst of western culture, while retaining the worst of Indian culture — a wonderful combination. At 14 I can imagine myself as an innocent girl, whose only wish was to go and play badminton in the neighboring building. Today’s 14-year olds are more worried about which girl/boy they will bed and which brand of vodka is better? It is unclear to me who is to blame — parents, society, globalization, the children themselves? Where is the childhood that so many reminisce about? Why are these people not enjoying what is natural and going after things that will become natural in due course of time?
We need a revolution not just in political and electoral sphere but in all walks of life. Love and relationship troubles are already making our youth weak .The solution to this lies inside us, not outside .We need to strengthen our values and develop our characters so that it inspires our country and the whole world to move in the direction of progress.

Happy Reading :-)