Thursday, 4 July 2013

Mantras For Life

                                                               Refine Your Present

God has given you existence
Not to cry in despair, but to smile with hope.
Not to shiver with fear, but to live with honor.
Struggle now, you will ever be free from trouble.
Sacrifice now, you will ever have many surprises.

 You Led A Tough Life 

Because you are born for that
As you sweat now, least you regret later.
You can’t reach the top of a tree without scratches.
No sea is free from waves.
No desert is free from heat.
No rose is free from thorns.
No challenge can be free from stress.
Strive now, least you grieve later.
And you are meant for all theses dear.

When Your Emotions Get Hurt

Maintain calm,
The world may call you a fool
But remain cool
Quite often,
It is foolest,
Who turn up the greatest.

Face Competition With Determination

Never forget you are living in a tough world of stiff competition.
The toughness of competition, must not make you to go back,
 Instead it must make you try ,
Till you take the whole world aback.
If you wish a push in the world of competition, 
 Then you must push your wish with determination.

                                                          Love Your Maa and Papa

Because they have decide to decrease, 
So that you may increase.
They have decided to suffer, 
So that you may prosper.
They have decided to diminish, 
So that you may flourish.

Bad Example 


                                                            Beware of bad example,
Because a bad example is a bad sample.
Just as you reject a bad sample,
Turn your face away from a bad example.

Happy Reading :-)

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