Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Mukul Pathak - A Prized Possession

If you ever feel that your life’s boat is in the mid of ocean with no direction or you are feeling that you are somewhere buried six feet underground and no one is hearing your voice…………well then I would say that get up, don’t lose your heart and run like Usain Bolt to meet Mr. Mukul Pathak anyhow, if you can manage as he is not so easily available soul  on this earth ( It’s not his fault, it’s his love and passion for his work)
This man doesn't need any introduction as Google itself suffix his name with Psychology (If you search this word on it).He is the best teacher I have ever got in my life till date and for this I would thank almighty. Although I already knew this before that teaching is a career where you can influence the lives of others, but it was not until I met this man, I discovered how teachers could impact your everyday lives, your entire year, and your future. Yep! he did it for me.

Although most of the students call him “Motivational Powerhouse”, but for me he is a magician and will always  remain as he knows everything about everyone….so he knows every damn shit about me too. I always found his one minute presence more healing than 100 pages of a self help book because of his extraordinary ability of giving reasonable answers to all your life’s questions. He possess a special gift living principles that whenever he communicates, his words touches everyone hearts. You know, this man was having a very infuriating tendency of stirring my repressed thoughts and feelings, but it was not his mistake as he never did it intentionally....bas ho jata tha…..!! I am not sure about other students but I was in the habit of maintaining his words of wisdom in my register during his lectures.

Today, If look back on the last one and half years of my life, I can honestly say that I have been shaped into the person I want to be which is partly because of life experiences and personal choices but it is also due to the presence of this man. If he hadn’t come into my life after 2011, I don’t know where I’d be today. He has given me many reasons to live and taught me some wonderful lessons of life. Patience, Empathy, Unconditional regard and Honesty- he showed me the way in all these traits and I'm still walking the way he taught me to walk. Most importantly he changed my perception of myself and how I viewed the world, which is priceless knowledge to ever acquire. His time and wisdom given to me was paramount for which I will never forget him.

This tribute is to you Sir , I thank you, a thousand times squared, for giving me opportunity to learn from you and always bless you with healthy, long and happy life.

Mr.Mukul Pathak :My source of contentment (DOB: 13th Jan)

Glimpse of Guru's Gyan :-
  • Life is all about ability to delay gratifications.( My favorite)
  • Life is best lived when it is left to be simple. Because all complex matters make your life more complex. It is ironical that we go for complexity then we go for further complexity to handle that complexity
  • If you do your work sincerely and honestly in the direction of your target. May be your desired target will be missed but the substitute target which you will get will also be rewarding.
  • God has given us different canvas, colors and brushes but what kind of picture will be drawn on it will entirely depend upon us.
  • Whenever any shade of arrogance steps inside you than just be in the lap of nature, you will realize how small you are and how big Mother Nature is.
  • If you have to take some distance to help others. Don’t bother because the distance which you will cover eventually comes back to you. Just play the waiting game.
  • Man will be happy only in two conditions; either by becoming saint or a child. Becoming saint will not be an acceptable option to most of us so never kill the child which already present in you.
  • We human beings are inherently selfish. The first act which we do after our birth is itself selfish. We feed on our mother by depleting her.
  • Life runs on text and context both, otherwise it creates confusion.
  • Essence of life is to be respectful.
  • Nothing in this world is indispensable.
  • God doesn’t like the hardness of tongue and heart, that why he made them boneless. 
  •  Embracing truth is very difficult.
  • If age is criterion for  respecting people then fossils should be worshipped.
  • No failure is final; you can bounce back whenever you want.
  • Try to become best by competing with yourself rather than feeling happy that the other person is not up to your mark.
  • A creative person must be assertive and non conformist.
  • A single quality which needs to be inculcated into people is “Patience.”
  • The root cause of success is known to people who are unsuccessful.
  •  Just throw all your degrees into the garbage if that empathy element is missing in you.
  •  If you have been on their lips, you will soon get into your heart
  • We all live in the world of deception because reality is painful.
  • Nobody is interested in soul. Everyone is fixed at body.
  • Get liberated from the faulty emotions around us and progress in world.
  • Never wait a minute extra for someone, if you feel that your importance has gone.
  • People always behave in the manner against your desire but you have to develop tolerance. 
  • Those who see so many flaws in others are themselves flawed.
  •  Relationships need care not judgements.
  • People are remembered only for what they have not done.
  • In your life you meet people who destroy your reality rather than to make you realize it.
  • Person who makes least noise is the one who has made a lot many sacrifices for you and the most noisy person is actually be the least contributor.
  • If you are blessed with sound sleep, thank almighty for this, not everyone is blessed with that.;-).

About Indians:
  • Indian society is based on the submissiveness of women not on their equality.
  • Indians are not trained in letting things go. We just believe in holding on everything.
  • 99.99% Indians fall in love but very few make it to marriage as here nobody wants to take responsibility for their actions, moreover they themselves not sure whether they can make it or not, so better to play safe by doing an arrange by which they can take credit for making it successful ,if mistakenly and can put all the blame on their parents, if not.
  • India being a nation of a billion there were hardly one psychologist for a lakh population, while a healthy nation should have one for every thousand. He would inform that a career in Psychology is most lucrative in the US
  • Indians are basically impotent (probably emotionally)*.
  • Indians are laid-back, because their locus of control is outside (God or any extraneous factor). So, if we lost something we would say it was not due to our fault. So, we are not the people who would like to take initiative or would like to be held responsible. Indeed..!!
  • Lunacy is on the rise alarmingly in India too, which is true for the nation following in the footsteps of the US. In immediate future Barrack Obama should propose to his good friend Dr Manmohan Singh FDI in psychiatrists as well.

Happy reading :-)

PS : This post is not written to advertise Mr.Mukul Pathak or Vajiram and Ravi.It should be taken as authors personal opinion.

*Indians are psychologically impotent.


arjun gupta said...

Every word you had written is true.
Pathak sir is indeed the best teacher one can ever desire for.
I would had really missed something in my life if I had not got the chance to study under Pathak sir.
I am currently taking classes from him and can appreciate every word that you had written.
btw "Indians are basically impotent psychologically. !!, you can update this as it was also told to us by Pathak sir"

Rohan M said...

One of my favorite quote by Pathak Sir:

"Belagaam ghoda kabhi race nahin jeetata, lekin agar manzil ko paa jaaye toh woh ek naya raasta hota hai!!!"

Sadhana said...

@ Arjun =Thanks a ton for your appreciation.I will update it for sure.

Sadhana said...

@ Rohan= Quite good...Sir is still rocking...!!

Gaurav Nagori said...

Well said....
Can u pls share all that u have noted down (wisdom pts by mukul pathak). I am not a psychology student but know him thru GS classe. If u can share here or mail me, I wiil be grateful gaurav.patriotic@gmail.com

Sadhana said...

@Gaurav- Thank you ! Give me some time..will share more than this above mentioned wisdom.

Arvind Sharma said...

Awesome one... I'm planning to rush to him for the sake of my dreams pretty soon...!! (joining V&R)

All the best for your future endeavors. :)

Sadhana said...

@Arvind= Thank you so much.

Sadhana said...

@Gaurav= Updated the blog on your request.Hope u will get his grace.

Gaurav Nagori said...

Thank you and....keep adding more pls

Anonymous said...

Really great teacher I couldn't find myself tired when talking about him. I have suggested to many friends that they must attend his classes once irrespective of their optionals

Unknown said...

@ sadhana
U did a great job! I appreciate

Sadhana said...

Awesome...sir always rocks.