Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Got Friend In You

Rajputs by Clan, Aquarians by Zodiac, Flat mates by Destiny,Class mates by Vajiram and Ravi, Twin souls by Nature, Emotional fools for this World and Friends by choice. We think alike, We talk alike, We walk alike ,We eat alike ….She knows me more than I know myself…and I know her more than she knows herself…..I am her brand promoter while she is my brand ambassador..:-).I pray for her, she does the same for me. She can read my face and my mind so well and I had also tried many times accurately for her too. I can fight with this whole world for her and I am assured that she will do the same for me….in spite of the fact that we both usually avoid confrontations.....we both remember each others things so well.....She approves things for me…I approve things for her. We both watch cartoons like 3 yrs old even at this age.She has introduced me into the world of Swami Vivekananda and taught me the wonderful art of meditation….I've introduced her into the world of my F.R.I.E.N.D.S ,Ghazals and Mother Teresa. We both derive joy by giving and like to spend every single paisa of ours for the happiness of others as we live relationships by heart not by mind.Anything chaotic,artificial and crowded pissed us off like anything...and for this only..we never enjoyed company of Mark Zukerberg. You can teach us  ways of being egoistic,how to boast for ourselves and an art of pretending good...we really lack in these much essential traits of survival and impression management.

So don't you feel like we must be having some sort of former life’s connection…Yep! of course we have. But you know, I always put her above than me in every aspect ….She is more humble and down to earth than me…she is a better listener and a great mathematician. Don’t judge her by her ways of living as she thinks more rational and broader than you. She is the only one after my parents who stands by my side in these last two toughest years of my life.I owe a lot to her and respect her like anything.She might be having  many friends better than me as she deserves more, But for me she is my only asset( I got more than I've invested). Blessed are those who ever got chance of spending time with this natural and generous girl.
Pooja , My Best Friend…!!

PS: Our friendship will never die....You're gonna see it's our destiny.You've got a friend in me…….

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