Thursday, 20 November 2014

Greeting Cards-A Perfect Way of Expression

I am very passionate about this particular aspect of any relationship where you put so much of effort while selecting a perfect card for your loved ones. And for me it is more precious than an expensive gift. Hey listen! I am not talking about those cards which people usually purchase just for the sake of purchasing them because for me what you have written inside is equally important and for that you need to take out your time for me. I think this is the best way of finding out what people really think about us because no one can easily lie when it comes to writing….this is what I believe.I still remember how I used to travel miles to find out a perfect cards for my loved ones, spending hours in the gallery to pick up the best, purchasing best pen and writing lot many things without leaving a single space on the cards was something my way of expressing emotions, although I usually make card on my own, tearing off paper over paper if  it not appears best , waking up early in the morning to collect feathers and lot many other natural stuff  from the terrace for pasting them on my handmade cards seems a sheer wastage of time for many people. But for me it was the source of contentment. Giving it best design and simultaneously hiding it from Maa’s vigilance was very tricky task of those days. I still remember one of her statement where she used to tease me like this……Dekh lo sabhi log, abhi card banaegi…phir kal ye inhi friends ke wajah se roegi…!! :-P :-D

I am not sure about my friends .But for me this is one another way of living relationships.I used to preserve memories like this.No matter whether people have chosen to stay or to move out of my life.

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