Thursday, 20 November 2014

Letter to God

Dear God,

How are you? Hope you are doing so well right up there.As you know that talking to you has become my routine hence I am writing this letter in order to express my gratitude to you.Since Pooja had left 1 year before so now you are the only one left whose brain I can eat.:-) And the best part of this is that my heart is so convinced that you are listening to me.You know  that after observing last few events of my life and this world around me..I have found that you have blessed me matter..Where I am standing today? What I am doing today? But you have always helped in all my ways without expecting any thing from me.

Even last shot of yours was really commendable.I am so very thankful to you for that as this time I had lost all my hope....and you did it in the very last moment .The best thing about this last event is that you had created heartbreaking ways for me by not helping me at the very first moment.Damn ! You ditched me four times..:-P.How come you test people like this? Anyway this last episode among others has again restored my lost faith in you.And now I frankly claim before everyone that really " NO ONE IS YOURS EXCEPT GOD ALONE".Bas ! We don't understand his language. Along with this,I also want to thank you for making me a human,not every one is blessed with this.After making me a human..You've made me a girl with above normal IQ and gave me this healthy body with which I can conquer any war in this world,no matter whether I have enough money in my pocket or not? You have given me a wonderful family and some good friends. You've made me courageous and given me strength to see the dreams and to follow them.Blessed me with a heart which can feel the pain of others.I thank you for all those people who are giving me strength by their presence and some others who are helping me to grow in pain by their betrayals. Yes ! God,May be my life is not perfect but it is good.And list simply doesn't end here.

At this moment ,there is still one business which is unfinished from very long and you have had tested enough me for this.So I request you to help me to complete this too.

Ending this letter with a request to just maintain my loved ones which you have already given me.Blessed them with long, healthy and happy life.Cause in their happiness lies mine.Looking forward for your unconditional love and support.

Yours obediently,

PS: Writing letters to God can be more healing than seeking help from people around you.Raise expectations from the Lord not from humans.You will always remain at peace.


Manu said...

The 'post scriptum' part is pragmatic.

Sadhana said...

Thank you !Its my well tested formula for peaceful living.

Manu said...