Saturday, 18 April 2015

I Remain D Remains Of......

The harbour I set sail from
May not be there now.
The grey granite-laid alleys
The old streets smelling of pickled radish
The tall arched doors opening to them
The thin, endless frills
The midnight's music and dance behind them too.

The temples I have prayed in
Might have turned into cemeteries
My prayers there might be growing as cactus
My gods will not understand my sorrows anymore.

My children are orphans in nameless countries
In their eyes, are depths
Deep enough to drown me to death.

I have to set off on another voyage
To discover my own country.

I am not scared of giant sharks and pirates
I have no fear of killer waves and sea-ghosts
My compass never errs
My ship will never hit any rock.

But I can't stand
That solitary star following me from the very start
This candle that no wind can put out
This mast standing as always
This sail reluctant to drop down
And this silence the sea heaps up at the bottom.

When I step in
Sand grains rise like virgins
The sea enters my blood
The night anchors in my flesh
And the cavalry of desires
Walk me blindfolded
Through the bottomless marshes.

I never land in the continents
I want to discover.
I am a mariner
Who died in a shipwreck that didn't happen
Who prefers to believe she is not born yet.

Between the ends of peninsulas
Unmarked in history,
And the fingertips
Absent in life;
The remains of innumerable shipwrecks
No one knows about.

Courtesy: Poyil Rajeevan


Emmanuel said...

God bless you!

Sadhana said...

Thank you.

Abhineet Srivastav said...

i have to read twice to understand it.

Abhineet Srivastav said...

i was always poor to understand message hidden in the poems...